Round The World with the budget Catamaran Luckyfish

We love SIMPLE and SUSTAINABLE! Luckyfish is a true SAILING catamaran and the lowest cost, PROVEN Bluewater cat we could find. She’s packed with simple solutions to complex problems and is a credit to the design genius’ behind her, James Wharram and Hanneke Boon.

Luckyfish is also really, really COOL!

I’m a Kiwi who bought a British designed, Polynesian inspired South African built catamaran and sailed her across the Atlantic to the Caribbean. Sounds complicated? It’s not. Neither is sailing her with an all girl crew from Mongolia.

We share one important thing in common. To live closer to our natural surroundings and share the fun and fulfillment with family and friends via our blogs and videos.


Why this site?

There just aren’t enough vlogs and blogs from budget catamarans out there. Cat popularity is at an all time high but information is skewed towards high-cost solutions.


But really…Why?

Marketing so-called “luxury” cats is drowning the dreams of many. Stories from Luckyfish help restore some balance to the cruising catamaran narrative.


What IS cruising?

It’s simple! Cruising on a cat need not cost the Earth. On Luckyfish, it is the KISS principle, pure and simple.
Go light, go green, go for as long as you want!

"The Wharrams are affordable and safe, when you show an interest in this type of catamaran, you will also reflect on existence and the place of leisure"

– Jean Yves Poirier

Videos are good for you

In 2015/16 we sailed over six thousand nautical miles across the Atlantic on our 38′ Wharram designed Tiki catamaran – and loved every minute! Watch the videos from Cape Town South Africa to Barbados and beyond.

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Where is Luckyfish now?