Captain’s Log 15 Feb 2016 – It’s not always blue skies and bikinis

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1130 375nm to to WP3. 165nm 24hr run. Tuya wins. Cycle of regular then confused seas continued through night and today. 3 reefs in foresail, 50% jib most of day, morning just 30% jib in shitty sea and 25 to 30 knot winds. White caps getting blown away, streaks of foam on surface. Some seabirds including a tropic bird passed by today. Portugese man o wars today, also patches of Sargasso seaweed.
Still no ships. Evening had last of red wine in forward cockpit, regular sea, 18kt wind with jib and 1 reef in foresail. Zaya lobbied hard for more sail just before nightfall. Put up triple reefed main and clipped along for a few hours until midnight. Then…

16 February, 2016
1130 240.4 to go to waypoint 3. 134.6nm 24 hour run – Tuya wins. …until midnight then wind built and sea went lumpy again. Some big bangs had Zaya apologizing in morning (for pushing for more sail last evening). We doused the main. An hour later rolled away the jib, 10 mins later and a crunching blow to the bow had me cursing out loud. Saw us dropping the foresail and rolling out 40% jib at 4.5kts for rest of night. Everyone needing rest and a quieter boat. Morning saw confused sea state with 4 sided wave peaks just popping up from nothing. Swell height 3 to 5m. Did inspection of all lashings and hulls etc in morning. Banged home the tiller wedges and put a wedge in the port inner lashing on beam 3. Had breakfast of marmalade and bread from yesterday, marmite, cheese etc. Muesli and milk and an orange between 3 of us. Still no ships since maybe a week ago when we saw 2 or 3 (radar steering 225, 228, 222°M (to Salvador). After the hull inspection this morning turned up no issues with wear or chafe on lashings etc – more confidence grows in design and construction. Unfortunately you must go through the punishment of the big slams into the hulls and beams in order for your faith to grow in your ship. Put triple reefed f’sail and, with more regular seas and 60% jib – increased speed from 4.5 to 6.5kts. Blue sky day with puffy cumulus, 10-20% cover, 360° horizon haze (water vapour) we have had since equator began lifting yesterday and continues to lift today. Visibility increasing from say 8 to 10miles to 12 plus. Girls hoisted main, triple reefed at noon and Zaya did the levers to shake out then put back in 2nd reef in foresail around 2pm. Wind steady 15 to 17kt NE till dusk. Lovely day in all. First good sailing day possibly averaged 6.5 to 7kts.
Earworm “Never was a cornflake girl” “you bet your life it is” – because we’re betting our lives on Luckyfish.

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  1. Hi Stew and Crew!

    great videos, I am waiting every week for the latest one. Keep on and don’t be so hard to yourself with “apologizable contents” 🙂

    May I ask you what equipment you are using to make these very nice videos? And how do you manage to upload them onto the web? Do you wait until you reach the next Marina or do you have any option to upload them from sea? I only know very expensive solutions with satellite phone to be able to be online at all spots of the world. Maybe there are meanwhile other, more affordable options?

    Thanks and regards and allways fair winds to you and the girls.


    1. Post

      Hi Armin, we dont have any fancy camera gear and shoot using our Galaxy smartphones, S5,6 and 7’s. We could do with better audio gear to direct the mic to the voice and cut the wind noise. Working on it. Re the uploads, we rely on land based wifi mostly. We do have a sat phone but only use it on long passages for weather forecasts (downloadable text files called gribs) and the occaisional text to family and friends. There are currently no cheap options for data at sea. Thanks very much for your comment and questions, all the best from Stew, Zaya x2 and Tuya

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