How much did Luckyfish cost?

The capital cost for Luckyfish so far is around US$150K, including $40K or so of nav gear, ground tackle, safety equipment, watermaker, hydrogenerator and wind generator added since purchase. The boat was 18 months old when we bought her.

For a home-built craft like Luckyfish, the builders don’t receive much, if anything for the thousands of man hours that go into it. They do it for the love and satisfaction of seeing their beautiful creation evolve and finally sailing.

Good Tiki 38’s do not come onto the market very often. If you are serious about buying a second hand one, it’s best if you have done all the research in advance, been aboard one or two of them to understand what to look for, and have the cash ready so you can pounce. The Wharram Catamaran Facebook Group is a great resource for understanding these boats with plenty of knowledgeable people happy to give free advice, (tell Ralf, the moderator, that Stew sent you 🙂 )

If home building isn’t for you and you want to be sure of getting a good boat, the only other avenue at present is to have one built professionally. One builder authorised by James Wharram Designs (JWD) to build Tiki 38’s is Andrew Smith Boatworks in the Philippines. Andy is currently building a Tiki 38 for friend of Luckyfish, Tony Anschutz (ScubaTony). According to Hanneke Boon of JWD, Andy has the capacity to build up to four Tiki 38’s per year.

Professional build costs for a very basic Tiki 38 come in around USD$125-140K. Consensus seems to be there is about USD$70K in material costs alone so labour costs and margins for the yards are being kept to an absolute minimum to attain these figures.

2017 prices from Andy Smith (thanks Andy Preston for supplying these figures) are:

Tiki 38 – USD$128,000 – this is the boat built to the designers plans, includes:

* 2 colours only externally and masts ex-works.
* 3 sails main, fore and staysail hanked (not furling), running standing rigging only.
* one only Yamaha 9.9hp 4-stroke High-Thrust Extra-Long-Shaft Sail-Drive OBM as recommended by James Wharram Designs comes with electric start and power assisted tilt includes remotes, remote cables and fitting – one only battery included. (Tiki 38 can have two OBMs).

I trust this helps you get into your own Tiki 38 soon. There is nothing better than being able to stop looking for a boat !

Stewart Coates