Captain’s Log 12 Feb – Quick Sailing on an un-groomed Road.

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1130 71.7nm 24 hr run. Busy night. NE trade began to puff in, knocking us to 290, 280°. Tuya woke me at 0100, doused kite, set jib and full foresail. Wind increased at 3am – reefed foresail, 7kts boatspeed. Rain heavy. 50litres of water collected. Wind then came and went, mostly died. Unreefed main, hand steering as boatspeed below 3.8knots – the limit of the vane gear.
Got very tired on my 0500 to 0700 watch, started stb engine for Tuyas watch. Engine on at 0500 off at 0930. Zaya was up and down with me all night, great support. Tuya always wakes for her watch, no grumbles. NE gradually built from 0500. Set 2 sail reach with full foresail. Wind settled in at a steady 15 to 20 knot, reef foresail at 1700, decks wet, quartering swell of around 2 to 3m with wind waves from side. Wind 20° forward of beam, tight reach heading 315°. Made some alterations to Juliet, to clear the stay

13 February, 2016
1130 716.6nm to WP3. 153.8nm 24 hr run. Mums birthday. Passed half way point (WP2 at 0700). Night of fast sailing – 2 sail reaching with one reef in the foresail. Occasional rough periods, confused seas, side slapping and hobby horsing knocking down our boatspeed. Ended up running a little free (290-300°) hoping to regain high ground during day when we can see the waves etc. Got rough at 0500 and rolled away the jib on Zayas suggestion. Boat speed down from 6.5 to 4.8 for 3 hours or so. Then unrolled jib in lighter winds of 15kts, then 1030 wind increased to 20 kt but veered allowing us to keep jib, ease out the sails, adjust Juliet and sail 6.5 to 7.5kts on 325°M! Perfect. Ate Wahoo pasta leftovers.

14 February, 2016
1130 539.7nm to go to WP3. 176.9nm 24 hour run. Stew 178, Zaya 180 Tuya 188, Stew wins. Strong NE trade built overnight. 25 to 30 kt in morning on very confused sea. Swells running in all directions causing lumpy interference pattern. Put first reef in f’sail Saturday evening, then rolled jib in and out during the night, then furled jib completely at 0300, second reef in f’sail at 0900. Unrolled part jib at 1200. Speed 7 to 9 kts. Zaya cooked Wahoo in egg and flour batter with Montreal steak seasoning, rice and baked beans. Yum! Breakfast last 2 mornings cream crackers with Marmite, peanut butter, jam and/or pate or crab spread. Stew injured knee and shin yesterday exiting galley companionway slipping on deck as boat lurched. Nothing serious. Tuya lost a filling. All our nails getting soft. Stews teeth sensitive. Lack of calcium. We now stepping up our powdered milk intake. Other health issues nil. All lost weight and feeling better for it. Still feel a bit of tension in these conditions. Looking forward to snorkelling under the hulls in clear Caribbean bay and checking seams etc. Another bang on the inside port hull, different to the other bangs and thumps, but now not so concerned. Have heard so many thumps over last few months that faith is slowly building in this construction. Seas becoming more regular at times and LF clips along at 7-8kts then sea becomes confused again. No rhythm at all, just a chaotic interference pattern attacking the hulls from all angles. Big bang on aft section. “Hey! try the front door asshole!”.

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      Hey there Glen, glad to leave that bumpy road off Brazil behind us. It seems that region cops all the swells from southern and northern Atlantic and there they collide and cause merry heck for small light craft :-). How different it became just a few days later.

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      Hi Dan, great to hear from you. How is the que for more Luckyfishes? More than a couple of guys have asked for your contacts. Will be in touch offline soon. Hope all well with you and family mate. Stew.

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