In the beginning …

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T minus 54. Just 54 days left on the countdown clock, then I board the plane (actually several planes, about 36 hours flying in all) and fly from Ulaanbaatar back to Luckyfish in sunny Sth Africa.

Today I have cracked open the door and installed wordpress on svluckyfish.comthe desire to communicate is ancient! Autumn is just around the corner and its time to let some cruising sunshine in. If that isn’t worthy of commemorating with the first post, then what is?

Now the fun really begins: we can start sharing the adventures of Luckyfish and our journey in Mother Nature with you. We are excited about what lay on the other side of this door – not least because we haven’t a clue where it will lead us. One thing is for sure though, the desire to communicate is ancient and we’ve got the urge to say something.

So we hope you enjoy the journey with us, without you dear readers we would just be writing to ourselves… and they put you away for that sort of thing. Just as other paths led us here, we hope our path may help you on your journey, hopefully in a catamaran. But first things first.

There is much to prepare on Luckyfish if we are to have her ocean ready by early  back to nature. Now where is that ToDo list? …


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