The Boat

Luckyfish is a Wharram designed Tiki 38. And just what is a Luckyfish?

It took a passer-by in South Africa to explain:

“Beautiful boat, whats her name?” he asks.
Luckyfish” I reply, “I believe it’s a South African colloquialism”.
“Yeah”, he replies, “It has nothing to do with fish. It means a person is really lucky. It means YOU are really lucky. You are a lucky fish”.

Check out the Luckyfish Bio page for a full tour of the boat.

Why a Wharram is the perfect cruising yacht

  • She has an easy motion at sea

    With deep-V hulls and fine sections fore and aft, Luckyfish lifts and settles back into the seas in a gentle fashion giving those on board an immediate sense of security. Those hulls mean she can be beached easily too!

  • The sails are easy to handle

    Her sails are small and easy to handle. They are almost like toys for a boat of this size and yet, you can still dial up as much power as you want.

  • Her seaworthiness is well proven

    She gives the special feeling of a boat capable of taking us anywhere we want to go. The Wharram heritage goes back 3 millennia. They are probably the most proven, seaworthy multihulls in the world.

  • KISS

    She is authentic to the Wharram design philosophy – nothing is expensive or complex. No repair job requires a specialist and when something needs attention the solution is quick and often done with materials already on hand.

  • You can eat and drink as much as you want and you won’t get fat

    Who doesn’t want to be fit? With four companionways on the Wharram and a layout that encourages you to lead a life outdoors, you get plenty of exercise the best way possible – by not even noticing you are doing it!

  • Her swim ladder is huge

    If you love sailing you probably also love snorkeling and swimming. Wharram designs recognise this and provide large retractable swim platforms that double as dinghy ramps. It’s like having an aquarium in your living room. No need for a life-sling either!

  • Fully retractable engines

    Her engines retract completely from the water. No need for folding or feathering props. And maintenance is as easy as can be.

  • Hassle-free Self-steering

    What cruiser doesn’t value the silent crew member? This is a vane system that really works. Even running dead square. Check the video here

  • She makes friends quickly

    Luckyfish attracts attention wherever she goes. She looks welcoming and not the least bit pretentious. People drop by to say hello, ask questions and compliment the boat. “That’s a proper sailing cat” they say, or “Shes the coolest boat in the bay” or, “have you been round the world in her?” Once these conversations start they can lead to generous hospitality with offers of dinner, sightseeing, even shore side accommodation and we in turn enjoy showing people the boat and taking them out for a sail.

  • She feels at one with nature, not fighting it

    Most cruisers go cruising to get back to nature, to find peace and simplicity. The Wharram somehow blends into nature because her design is sympathetic with these ideals. It all amounts to some goodness for the soul.