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Greg King, Publisher of Practical Sailor, really rang my bells this morning with this gem of “Pressure-selling”. Although, it would be wrong to lump his piercing piece of pen-craft in with the marketing drivel normally associated with the term. In this instance, he is merely stating a lot of long overdue truths. Take this for example:

” Historically, the sailing industry has been close-knit,
dominated mostly by small well-established companies. Many of these were old, family run
businesses, some dating back to the age of sail.

The owners of these companies were passionate about sailing and cared about making
quality products. And they stood behind them. They felt a shared sense of duty to fellow

Sadly, in an era that emphasizes get-rich-quick schemes, the unspoken pact among
sailors is swirling down the scuppers. “

Go ahead and read the whole piece here: practical-sailor-breath-of-fresh-air

It’s packed with truisms that will make you as happy to read as you are sad for a world rapidly being lost for dreamers and sailors alike.

It worked for me, and I promptly signed up for another 12 months for the online magazine. No, not because I read it that much. Luckyfish is not very gear hungry, (although when I need information I know I can trust this publication more than any other sailing news source). But simply, to support the message that Practical Sailor stands for, in a world going mad around us.

NB. We are not affiliated, associated, authorized, endorsed by, or in any way officially connected with Practical Sailor. As if I need to tell you that ! Spread the Love.

That’s why I sail,


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