Rob Greenfield – brushing aside peer pressure

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On 13th December, Adventurer, Activist, owner of 111 possessions and all round good guy Rob Greenfield ( posted on his Facebook page:

“I’m always looking for feedback and ideas to help me be as positively impactful as I can. What do you think I can do to be of the best service to the world?” This was right after he returned from “Standing with Standing Rock” protesters. The guy just has too much energy for life !

Two replies to his inquiry really inspired me:

Kristin Garn commented “Humans are social creatures that seek status and a deep sense of belonging. Right now we use material possessions to convey status and a conspicuous consumption and accumulation of these materials to help us feel like we belong. It is (clearly) unhealthy, unnatural and unsustainable for us to build our sense of status and belonging in this way. Helping to change that part of culture would be greatest accomplishment ever. You can do it”

and Kelcey Luxenberg commented “Promoting a lifestyle of voluntary simplicity. You already do this, but I think it’s of huge importance and the message must be shared to as many people as possible. Keep it simple for people. Shop smart by buying less and of higher quality. Take care of ones health by cooking from simple ingredients and not buying processed food.”

So there you have it. In just asking a simple question Rob brought out great answers that are already being of service to the world.

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