Exactly 12 months ago tonight …

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It seems so long ago now. We had no idea of the adventure that lay ahead of us as we took one last selfie in Walvis Bay, Namibia.

The following morning we would cast off the mooring where we had sat for 10 days, completing the final preparations for the voyage across the Atlantic. The installation of the watermaker was completed, the food was aboard, the weather forecast was good and Luckyfish was in tip top condition. There were still unfinished jobs to complete but now it was their turn to wait. We were as ready as we needed to be, besides, we wanted to make St Helena Island, 1222nm away, in time for New Years celebrations.

We were ready to go!

Starting tomorrow, each day I will be posting the Captains Log as written on passage from Africa to the Caribbean. It’s a candid account of the trials and trepidation, successes and failures, excitement and fears felt along the way. We hope you will follow along and share in the adventure only crossing an ocean under sail can bring.

That’s why I sail,

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