Trailer – Luckyfish Gets Away – Released

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We are excited to release the trailer to the upcoming series “Luckyfish Gets Away”.

We are sharing our story of how two sisters from a landlocked country became the first Mongolians to sail across an ocean. Don’t believe the sailors superstitions. I can tell you that an all-female crew is alright !

These girls started out absolute novices and sailed 6,000Nm to become accomplished sailors. This is the story of challenges and triumphs, learning and finding harmony out there on the big blue.

It is also the story about following dreams on our amazing ride – the Wharram designed Tiki 38 catamaran Luckyfish. We will be sharing what we learn about this fast, simple and safe catamaran so that others can be aware that cruising need not require the high-cost solutions that marketers have us surrounded with…

check out the trailer at:

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